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6 Ways to Beat the Heat With Toddlers

Holy Cow! It’s HOT out here… My small little family and I live in Central California and my goodness summer has come full force and with a vengeance. We are having days ranging from 102º F to 112°F. No matter what, it seems like you can’t catch a break. With two very small children I can’t imagine keeping them inside 24/7. Let me share with you 6 ways to beat the heat during the summer!

One of these hot days, I was trying to occupy the kids in the house and no matter what I did I just wasn’t cutting it. Tantrums were being thrown all around. I could sense their frustration as I was on the verge of pulling my hair out myself. I said, “that’s it, we are going outside!!!”

I decided to come up with ways to take the kids outside to burn energy without having to be in direct heat the whole time

backyard play time

My son's favorite summer toy!
My son’s favorite summer toy!

My kids LOVE backyard time!  It’s a great place where they can run free and I am not constantly worried about them running out of sight. My husband has done an AMAZING job at “baby proofing” the backyard to maximize its play potential. He has tons of tips just shoot me a comment or an email for more :).

backyard pool

Now I am not saying go out and spend the typical $30,000 to put in an underground pool. NO WAY!! If that is just not feasible (it definitely isn’t for me) a $5 Wal-Mart plastic pool serves the same purpose just as good. This will occupy my littles for hours and supply us with many laughs. There is no way to beat the price for such an amazing heat buster!

backyard water tables

Originally we bought this for my son as a tactile thing and in the end it has turned into one of our most used items in the backyard. In fact it got such great use we bought 2. We set them up for every party and play date. You can put sand in them, however we prefer water! This is the same Water table we have and absolutely LOVE!

backyard homemade water sprinklers

My husband is a bonified handy man undercover I swear! He is always coming up with cool things to make himself. Recently we spent 8 days on a Carnival Cruise ship exploring the Caribbean. You can read about that adventure here. On this ship was a children’s water park. HALLELUJAH! Can you say LIFESAVER. When he came home he had this idea of mimicking the feel of the water park out of PVC pipe. It was quick and easy and the kids absolutely love it!


Shade is key. Pop ups are the best for this one, and we love our Coleman 12×12 pop up! It covers such a large area and we can keep it up all summer long. This secretly is a 2 for 1 because not only does it benefit the kiddos but the mommies and daddies as well. This provides an area for us moms to stay in the shade as well while we supervise!

Park water features!

Lastly, your local parks water features. Now, not all parks have this wonderful option however you can surely find one! in California lately we have been in a drought so it wasn’t until July this year that they turned the water on at the parks. This is the best option for socialization while staying cool. If you are having a summer park birthday party, finding a park with a water feature is of upmost importance!

However your family decides to beat the heat remember that sunscreen wears off and you must reapply. Stay cool during this hot summer!

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